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ztream - A mplayer/mpv streamer 'controller' script written in Z-shell.

ztream was written as a small excercise in learning shell mechanics. I intended for it to be POSIX-compliant, but the associative array data structure made z-shell MUCH more appealing.

You can configure some of the behavior by modifying the global variables above the 'fold'.


  • Install mpv and dmenu (or mplayer and dmenu, though mplayer is largely untested)
  • Install ZSH (any relatively recent version should work. If not, please open a ticket)
  • Modify the associative array of Station name to url (and any other configurables)
  • Put ztream in your $PATH
  • ./ztream (or put it in your sxhkdrc, or dwm's config.h or whatever)


Earlier versions of ztream allowed specifying the action as the first and only argument. This is no longer possible as all args are sent along to dmenu.


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